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Presentation of the company


The Company PAMI d.o.o. is a family company wich was faunded in 1993 by transforming the company Pamiso d.o.o. Nova Gorica which was established in 1990. The basic activity of the company is trading in footwear and other goods related to it.

Until 1990 the company operated in itd registreted office in Nova Gorica and employed 12 persons. It wholesle traded in footwear and reproduction materials for footwear production and in completion jobs with footwear manufactures in Slovenia and other republics of former Yugoslavia. The company produced and supplied the footwear manufactures with reproduction material for footwear production; the company and paid the manufactures their labour and sold the manufactured footwear to the clients. The clients came from the countries if Western Europe (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands etc.) who were looking for companies with cheap labour and, consequently, cheap production in the republics of former Yugoslavia. All the material required for the production was produced by the ckient who issued respective invoices to PAMI saw to organizing the production, supervised it, attended to all the costomus-related documents and delivered the manufactured footwear to the client.

In Slovenia, the company sold footwear of various types and price brackets and reproduction materials for footwear manufacturing to all footwear manufactureres in business at the time and to major footwear distribution networks. The company realized a large part of its income by seling to the clients from the republics of former Yugoslavia. A share of sales was done to lesser clients in Slovenia who, after 1990, were mass-opening their own shops. The footwear was almost entirely imporete from different countries world-wide, mostly from China, the Far East countries and Italy.

The biggest problem in the period from 1995 to 1998 was non-promptness of payments in the part of not only Slovenian buyers but on the part of the buyer from the republics of former Yugoslavia as well. Owing to unpaid receivables the company suffered great damage. These problems and moving footwear production more and more to the East, which resulted in diminished interest of foreigners for the production in the republics of former Yugoslavia, endangered the very axistence of the PAMI d.o.o. company.

Due to thhe above-stated, the management of the company changed their vision and made the decision to create their own retail sales network. The company started opening their own retail points of sales throghout Slovenia. Since 1998 it has thus opened ower 80 retail points of sales all around Slovenia and further employed over 170 persons, mostly sellers and manageres. Today, the company generates the most considerable part of income by retail sales and plans to open new retail points of sale and consequently, to increase the company´s turnover. The company still deals in wholesale footwear but only with those clients who have either turned out to be reliable as far as payments are concerned or pay in advance after having been issued invoices.

The company has divided the network of their points of sale into three types. By farthe most numerous are the points of sale, 60 altogether, dealing in men´s, women´s and children´s footwear, which excels in a favourable ratio between the price and quality, and targets a wide range of buyers. These points of sales are named LA SCARPA and PAMI. Five shops offer footwear for the young and are named PAPRIKA while 15 points of sale named ARS offer footwear of a higher price category and quality for those buyers whose requirements are more demanding. The decision of what kind of footwear a certain point of sale will sell and what name it will carry is made by the management of the company for each individual point of sale at the moment of its opening depending on its location.


Address: Vipavska cesta 50

5000 Nova Gorica

Telepfone:++386 5/330 - 60 - 00

Fax:++386 5/330 - 60 - 18

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Working time:

From monday to friday

from 8:00am to 4:00pm

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